DOC 234—34/2

2023 . Experimental 
 4 min 30 sec . 4:3 . Color
16mm film . stereo . no dialogue
Director / Writer /  /Montage /Color
Francisca Dores

Sound  and Music
Henrik Ferrara . ATAVISTICO (album)

Resin Sculpture Fragment
Isabel Dores

Escola das Artes - UCP

Rua Escura

Artistic and Technical Tutors
André Gil Mata
Frederico Lobo
Afonso Marmelo

In the microcosm of a fragment of a resin sculpture, we observe fossilized eucalyptus leaves. The suspended still life, where we think we see specters of a world-image, is demystified by the sound of the tumultuous Cure.


Through the relation of a fragment of a resin sculpture, where small eucalyptus branches have been preserved since 1997, with the tumultuous "Cure", composed of piercing frequencies and conflicting beats, finding its harmony in the field of psychoacoustics, we propose the suspension of time and space. In the interval between the light and the deep darkness of 16 mm film, to tell us about the spectra and the proposal of a world-image, we resort to Walt Whitman's words, in the poem “Eidólons”, from his work “Leaves of Grass”. 


FEST - Novos Realizadores | Novo Cinema - National Grand Prix Competition
Caminhos do Cinema Português - Ensaios
Porto/Post/Doc - Cinema Novo