Press2023 . Public Domain (Diaries) - Live from Porto/Post/Doc

Conversations with Carla Andrade and Francisca Dores, by  Teresa Vieira.


“In 2023, more than 270 applications were submitted to the FUSO Open Call, which demonstrates the diversity of the Portuguese artistic scene. For this new edition, the projects translate into images, letters, words, sounds and bodies the issues that cross our societies. The selection presented here is the responsibility of Jean-François Chougnet, artistic director of FUSO, and will be presented on 23/08/2022, in the maat gardens. "

2023 . Ten young directors from the north show short films in new Porto/Post/Doc program cycle

“Francisca Dores is studying for a master's degree in Cinema at the Catholic University of Porto, and it was there that the experimental project was born, thanks to a Criticism and Curatorship class, where the power of images was explored. The film seeks to convey the essence of images and their potential for communication, while at the same time representing the evolution, representation and perspective of women over time. Various materials were used, including "archive images, found footage, institutional videos, advertising and even fragments of films", said Francisca Dores in a conversation with JPN.

The filmmaker also shared the motivation behind the choice of Teresa Villaverde's "Colo": "When I thought of the proposal, I wanted it to be a female director and the first name that came to mind was Teresa Villaverde, it made sense. I watched and reviewed some of her films and ended up choosing 'Colo'". Dores highlights the thematic affinity between the films, namely due to the role of women in the family. "There was a line from the main character that made up my mind. She says something like 'I am whoever I want to be'. This line removed all my doubts," says Francisca Dores."

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2022 . The "New Cinema" is made up of "reimagined" and French-inspired images

“Francisca Dores' short film is an example of this and the director justified her choice. "We already have so much image production... Doesn't it make more sense to take what already exists and try to find new meanings and reimagine the images? I think it was more along those lines."

"Finally, with this work, I was able to think about two things that have nothing to do with each other, but have everything to do with each other. In this case, how to speak correctly and how to be a woman. I think it was really the opportunity I got, in what I've been exploring and doing, to reflect on this subject. Trying to think about it in a more material way, through the medium of cinema."

2022 . Coimbra hosts film talks: culture in cities and the role of the archive in deconstructing memory are the themes to be addressed

“On Wednesday, November 16, speakers are invited to reflect on the role of the archive in the deconstruction of memory and in the dialog between the past and the present in a session entitled "Archive and Memory", led by Joana Carregado and featuring directors Ricardo Leite and Francisca Dores.

Both directors have films in the Festival. Ricardo Leite directs "As Manhãs Azuis", shown in the Caminhos Selection that same evening. Francisca Dores directs "How to be a Candid Woman", in the Essays Selection.“

2022 . Imagens do Real Imaginado - ESMAD

Talk and presentation of the project “#10”.

2021 . Sound Lecture - ESMAD

Lecture on "The influence of sound on the perception of the image". In the cinema, the viewer wants to completely immerse themselves in the reality presented to them, in an attempt to escape their own reality. When it comes to creating cinematic realism, the relationship between sound and image is fundamental. The exploration of the influence of sound on the perception of the image aims to reflect on how sound dilates, contracts, intensifies and attenuates the image.

2021 . CINEMAX 

Interview to CINEMAX, on RTP2, where I talked about sound design process and the film "A Mãe de Sangue | A Mind Sang" by Vier Nev.

2018 . Short film “Abel” (2017) wins Best Short Film Award at Cinedita

This film is a high school project, made in the context of the final exam (PAA) of the Audiovisual Communication course at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School, Porto.

The film was also screened at festivals such as Porto/Post/Doc and Fantasporto.

2017 . IndieJúnior Jury - “Red Turtle” Award

“This french film, which has already won an award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is a candidate for the Oscar for Best Animation 2017, also won the Best Film Award, worth 500 euros, given by the youth jury.

For this jury, made up of Diana Arroyo, Francisca Dores and Mariana Nunes, The Red Turtle is a work "that communicates with the audience, in its entirety, and surprises by telling the story using only images".

"There is an almost mimetic relationship between animation and nature and we also want to say a word about the sound, which is fundamental in this film. Finally, we'd like to highlight the importance of love and family relationships that are evident here," added the youth jury.”