Nunca estive tão perto 2023
[I have never been this close] 

In a rural periphery in the midst of transformation, agricultural machines devastate the fields and the places are haunted by an eternal gloom. Out of the flames, the bells are reborn, invoking the presence of the community.

Experimental Documentary

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Cura 2023

In the microcosm of a fragment of a resin sculpture, we observe fossilized eucalyptus leaves. The suspended still life, where we think we see specters of a world-image, is demystified by the sound of the tumultuous Cure.



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How to Be a Candid Woman 2022

To produce speech, a set of mechanisms must be brought together. What is the normal articulation for speech? How to produce the sounds that make it up in the correct way? A physiological analysis of the aspects of speech shows us how: the jaw must move in a certain way; the air must be expelled from the lungs in another. Based on the concepts stated in the film "Normal Speech Articulation" (1965), produced by the University of Iowa (USA), we intend to reflect on the way women have been represented, and consequently educated, over the years, both in film and in the media. Largely composed of archival footage, this film intends to make evident, through a montage inspired by Structuralist movements, the violence of this education. 

Experimental Documentary

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