Nunca estive tão perto
I have never been this close
DOC 234—34/2

2023 . Experimental Documentary
 17 min . 4:3 . Color
Stereo/5.1 . no dialogue

Director / Writer / Cinematographer /Montage
Francisca Dores

Diogo Pinto

Henrik Ferrara

Sound Mixing and Post-production
Ricardo M. Vieira
José Lobo

Vasco Trabulo Bäuerle

Escola das Artes - UCP

Hyperion Collective

Artistic Tutors
Daniel Ribas
Ben Rivers

Poster Design
Maria Peixoto
In a rural periphery in the midst of transformation, agricultural machines devastate the fields and the places are haunted by an eternal gloom. Out of the flames, the bells are reborn, invoking the presence of the community.


Through a sensorial documentary approach, Nunca estive tão perto aims to re-imagine a place and a waiting in transformation. Contemporary communities are illusions of centers of comfort and security, where the individual is replaced by the illusion of a sense of belonging to the world, to something bigger, to a global place that is instantly accessible regardless of time and space. The automated ringing of church bells is now a lament calling for collective waiting. In the few villages where we still find bellringers, the melodies demand the presence of the community's bodies. The experience of time has become increasingly private, and the ringing of the hours is masked by the noise of the changing landscape.


IndieLisboa - National Competition (premier)
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival 2023 - Industry Screenings